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Timetable for Students who are studying Chinese at NEFU

Since new semester is coming, Teaching Affairs Office have several things to inform you:

1.For those students who will still study Chinese next semester, your Chinese class will start from March 13th. Here is the timetable for you. Students can download according to which class you are in.

2.For those students who will still study Chinese next semester, you will need new textbooks for this semester. A Chinese student will guide you to get textbooks in the first week (March, 6thto March 10th). Please pay attention to the notice in Wechat group. You will need a bank card to pay for the book fees. Thus, please prepare a Chinese bank card. If you do not have a bank card, you can find other students to help you .

3.For students who will still study Chinese next semester, if you are willing to change your class, you need to tell me in the first academic week which is from March 13thto March 17th. After this date, no one can change. And your application will not be dealt with.

4. For students who have started to learn your major, you can log in the system for graduate students and find your timetable. Theoretically, your class may begin on March 6th. Students with any questions may contact his/her supervisor.





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