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Chinese Language Training program


Applicants should be no less than 18 years old;

Applicants should be foreign nationals in good health;

Applicants should have valid passport.

Application Materials

1. Online application (;

2. Copy of Passport (valid for one year at least) and 6 photos (size: 3.5*4.9cm);

3. Foreigner Physical Examination Form.


The main courses of Chinese language training program include oral Chinese, Chinese listening, comprehensive Chinese, reading and writing, comprehensive HSK and high-level comprehensive courses. There are also various Chinese culture courses including China Overview, China tourism, Chinese history, Chinese culture, Chinese opera appreciation, Chinese handicrafts, painting, Chinese paper-cutting, Chinese Kungfu , and Chinese tea, etc.

Long-term Chinese Language Education Program

(1)Time Arrangement

Teaching Time

Application Deadline

Spring Semester

Early  March—July

December 30th

Autumn Semester

Early  September—January

July 30th


Tuition Fees: 6800RMB/ semester, 13600RMB/ year;

Accommodation Fees: 500RMB/ person /month for twin room, 1000RMB/month for single room;

Insurance Fees: 400RMB/ half a year, 800RMB/a year.

Short-Term Chinese Language Training Program

Application Fees: 260 RMB/ person

NEFU provides short-term Chinese language and culture program for groups of no less than 10 students with the same Chinese level. The designed class can be set up and the class time and schedule can be arranged according to the students’ requirements.

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