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  Vice Dean:Luo Ying

  Affairs Division: Overall responsibility for college affairs

  Tel:+86 451 82192450

  Fax:+86 451 82192455










  Vice Dean:Yue Xihua

  Affairs Division: International student recruitment and


  Tel:+86 451 82192452

  Fax:+86 451 82192455









  Vice Dean:Liu Dan

  Affairs Division: International Student education and life


  Tel:+86 451 82192451

  Fax:+86 451 82192455









  Admission office:Liu Lifei

  Affairs Division:International student recruitment publicity,

  admission qualification examination, applicant examination

  Tel:+86 451 82192454

  Fax:+86 451 82192455







  Students Affairs office:Li Chao

  Affairs Division:International student management and services,

  scholarship assessment,international student employment guidance

  Tel:+86 451 82192458

  Fax:+86 451 82192455






  Teaching Quality Management officeLi Yuemei

  Affairs Division: International students training process

  management and supervision,teaching management and scientific

  research project approval

  Tel:+86 451 82192453

  Fax:+86 451 82192455







  International Student Training Center:Yin Zhiyang

  Affairs Division:Short-term programs, education for non-academic

  students, Chinese language and culture curriculum development

  Tel:+86 451 82191547

  Fax:+86 451 82192455