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Tree-planting Activity Held at the NEFU Urban Forestry Demonstration Base

On the afternoon of April 25, a tree-planting activity was held at the NEFU urban forestry demonstration base. Wu Guochun, Secretary of the NEFU CPC Committee, Yang Chuanping, President of NEFU, Li Bin, Vice President of NEFU, Chen Wenhui, Deputy Secretary of the NEFU CPC Committee and Secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection, Wu Haiquan, chief accountant, Zhou Hongli, other deputy school-level leadership and leaders of school office, Asset and Logistics Office, Communist Youth League as well as more than 100 representatives of teachers and students participated in the activity. It was presided over by Ai Xifeng, Secretary of the NEFU Communist Youth League.

Over the past 65 years, generations of NEFU students and alumni have made contributions to forestation and conservation of ecology. Today, in the name of people, in the name of the youth and in the name of NEFU, teachers and students of NEFU once again planted trees, protected ecology and built their homes. They planted more than 100 birch, Siberian pine, ash and other trees in urban forestry demonstration base during the activity.

Zhang Hanwen, president of the Student Union read the proposal before the activity, in which he called for the participation of students to ecological protection. He said students should take on this historical mission of NEFU, adhere to a low-carbon life, and stick to the good tradition of tree planting.

In the enthusiastic applause, Wu Guochun, Secretary of the NEFU CPC Committee, announced the official start of tree-planting activity.

When the tree-planting activity began, the leaders of NEFU picked up their shovels and started to plant trees together with teachers and students. They filled the holes with their shovels, piled up cofferdam, cultivated new soil and worked hard. Students were working just as hard as the leaders. After the joint effort of teachers and students, more than 100 trees were planted in the base.

Seeing that the birch tree trunks were still green, a student from the College of Materials Science and Engineering expressed his confusion to President Yang Chuanping: “When do you think birch tree trunks will become white?” President Yang Chuanping answered that the tree seedlings were only 3 or 4 years old, and that it would take them several years to grow into the iconic white trunks. What’s more, to have reached their commercial potential, it would take as long as 15 years. He also introduced some knowledge of trees to the teachers and students, such as morphological characteristics, growth habits, breeding laws and practical use of saplings.

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