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Please Send Your Best Wishes for the NEFU’s 70th Anniversary

Please Send Your Best Wishes for the NEFU’s 70th Anniversary

Fulfill your dream in Nefu and chase your dream in the world. On July 10, 2022, Northeast Forestry University will celebrate its 70th birthday. In order to express your love to China and Nefu, we are now collecting a short video of the blessings to the 70th birthday from the international alumni and all international students.

Object: International alumni and students who have studied in Northeast Forestry University

Collection period: January 20-February 20, 2022


1. The biggest gain, the most impressive person and thing in Nefu;

2. Favorite campus landscape and favorite campus activities;

3. Blessings for the 70th birthday of the alma mater, and good hopes for the development of the alma mater;

4. How to be a cultural messenger, become a bridge between Nefu and your country, promote exchanges between China and your countries, and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Specific requirements:

1. The content is presented in the form of video, which can be shot individually or in groups. You can prepare a background board by yourself, and it needs to reflect the college celebration elements (please refer to the attached user manual for the college celebration logo).

2. The video should start with a self-introduction, such as: I (we) am XX, I am from XXX(student’s country name), I studied at XX school in XXXX(year) of Northeast Forestry University, and I am currently working (studying) in XXX, I (we) wish NEFU a happy 70th birthday from XX (country and city location).

3. You can take a video in front of natural scenery, landscape architecture or representative flowers and trees that reflect your national characteristics; you can wear your  national characteristic costumes .

4. Blessings can be expressed in the form of reading and pictures to show self-created poems or short texts; blessings can be expressed in your own language, but Chinese or English subtitles must be added below the video.

5. The individual video should be no less than 30 seconds and no more than 1 minute, and the collective video should be no more than 90 seconds. The video does not need to be processed with special images, filters or watermarks; the output format is MOV, MP4 and other video formats that support editing, and the video ratio is 16:9 or 4:3.

6. Shoot horizontally to center the portrait. (Try to choose a camera with a pixel of no less than 5 million, please use the rear camera for mobile phone shooting), keep the shooting equipment stable and avoid lens shake; choose soft light conditions to avoid blurred portraits caused by overexposure, backlighting, and side light. Interfering elements such as background sound and noise should be minimized.

Submission method:

1. The file naming format of the blessing video is "[NEFU Celebration Collection + Nationality + Name + Identity (Current Students/Alumni, etc.)] and send it to Mr. Ma Zhanyu's mailbox:

2. Please submit a copy of the text along with the video, including the name of all people in the video, current school/company, telephone number, year of admission, academic school, major, whole lines (if a foreign language is involved, please attach a Chinese translation), shooting location and time ;Contact information

3.Contact: Teacher Ma: 13019703735

Teacher Li: 13199451277

Teacher Xu: 15541113770

The blessing videos collected will be displayed on the college and school website and official WeChat, and other media platforms during the college celebration. Excellent works will be shown in the university’s museum and the college 70th celebration. After the celebration, it will be used as an important historical materials and be kept forever, and your active participation is welcome.

Thank you for the attention and support from alumni, and welcome to come home often.

In addition: In order to strengthen the connection between graduates and the college, Student Affairs Office has specially created a QQ group for the International Students Alumni Association. Graduated international students are welcome to join this exchange platform. Group number: 798028743

School of International Education and Exchanges

Northeast Forestry University


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