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Dear international students,


Living abroad and far away from your parents, siblings and close friends, you have to face new study and living environment, and get accustomed to new traditions and ethnic culture. What’s more you need to solve the problems of major-choosing, conflicts between ideal and reality, interpersonal relationships, contradictory issues of love affairs and future vocational choice, etc. To avoid or eliminate the pressure caused by the problems mentioned above, and face the study life in China positively, we conclude the previous management experiences and cases and provide you with the following advice:


1. Form healthy living style. Healthy living condition indicates living regularly, alternate work with rest, scientific brain use, persisting physical exercises, drinking less alcohol, no smoking, and keeping personal hygiene. College life has heavy study burden and psychological pressure. To maintain the high study efficiency, students have to arrange well the daily study, exercise and rest regularly.


2. Enforce self-mental regulation. The core content of self-mental regulation includes emotion adjustment, willpower sharpening and adaptive capacity improving. You need to face the reality and learn to adjust yourself, and keep good contact with reality.


3. Participate in leisure activities actively, and enhance the communication of different cultures. International students should cultivate various interests, hobbies. By participating in various activities, they can release potential ability, keep up their spirits, relieve nervousness, and keep physical and mental health. By communicating with international students from different culture backgrounds, you can enrich and activate your inner world, which is good for mental health.


4. Students can participate in psychological lectures, and get psychological consultation knowledge. Students can ask experienced psychological teacher for help through talking and mental cure to strengthen psychological enduring capacity to overcome psychological crisis.


In a word, psychological health is the important guarantee for international students to study and live in China. A good mental state can not only help students get good study achievement, but also has benefits for their life-long development. Finally, sincerely hope you can spend a happy and healthy time in NEFU.