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1. Vehicles in China are driven by the right side, so please be careful while crossing roads.

2. Watch your mobile phone and wallet while shopping out.

3. Avoid going out alone at night, especially do not go to remote or empty streets.

4. Conflicts and fights frequently occur in Chinese bars, so please keep away from bars.

5. If you have your phone number changed, please inform the Student Services Office immediately.

6. The winters in Harbin are long and cold, so please keep warm.


Important Reminders


(1)International students, in accordance with relevant Chinese laws, you are not allowed to get employed, do business, or engage in other business activities while studying at the university.


(2)Please exchange money in banks, do not exchange in private stores or with individuals. It is illegal to exchange money in unauthorized places.


(3)For students who want to drive vehicles, please register in the Student Affairs Office with driving license. Do not buy or use vehicles with no license plates. Driving without driving license, driving after drinking and high-speed driving are forbidden.


(4)Keep the teaching area and study area like library, quite. No smoking in the classroom or non-smoking zone.


(5)Public security condition in Harbin is good, but you have to be careful as well. Watch your passport, money, cell phone, and do not take passport or too much cash with you. You had better save your money in banks, and withdraw it when necessary.


(6)Please take the students ID card with you to verify your identity on campus or in Harbin city.