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1. University Dining Hall


International Students can cook by themselves in the public kitchen in their apartment building, or they can eat in student dining hall with campus card.


2. Surrounding Restaurants


(1)Dongli Square: Golden Hans Barbeque, Culture Restaurant, McDonald and Orient King of Dumplings.


(2)Central Avenue: Huamei Western Restaurant, Lucia Coffee Western Restaurant, etc.

Bus Line: Get on the No.102 Bus at NEFU Bus Stop, and get off at Jingwei Street Stop.


Warm Prompt

² 中央大街和开发区黄河路是哈尔滨两大美食集中地,这里既可以吃到纯正的东北菜,又可以吃到正宗的俄式大餐;

² The Central Avenue and Huanghe Road in the Development Zone are two places with most delicacies in Harbin. You can have both traditional northeast dishes and authentic Russian feasts.

² 对于还不习惯中国饮食或者有特殊饮食习惯的同学来说,可以在公寓附近的菜市场或者家乐福超市买菜回公寓自己做饭。

² For students not yet accustomed to Chinese diet or with special dietary habit, you can cook on your own in the apartment kitchen after buying food material in the market or Carrefour supermarket nearby.

² 考虑到饮食安全,建议同学们去食堂就餐。

² Considering food safety, it is better to eat in the dining hall on campus.

² 食堂用餐的同学请注意,饭卡充值及相关业务办理在一卡通服务大厅

² For students who eat on campus, you can put money on your student card in the first floor of the card service hall.